Klaartje Kamermans & Ton Sciaroni, first photo or click here
The series ceramic bowls, named “Colored Wash” and “Tango” are the result of the cooperation of the photographer Ton Sciaroni and the ceramist Klaartje Kamermans.
Silk-screening is combined with printing and applied on clay.

Klaartje Kamermans & Gerhard Belgraver, second photo or click here
Casted bowls made by Klaartje Kamermans, painted by the painter/designer Gerhard Belgraver.

Klaartje Kamermans & Sieb Posthuma, third photo or click here
Plates and bowls decorated by the illustrator Sieb Posthuma.

Corien Ridderikhoff & Gerda van Kersbergen, fourth photo or click here
Tableware made by Corien Ridderikhoff and decorated by Gerda van Kersbergen.

Corien Ridderikhoff & Anki Posthumus, fifth photo or click here
Plates, cups and bowls, decorated by the illustrator Anki Posthumus.

Corien Ridderikhoff & Klaartje Kamermans, sixth photo or click here
Sets of six plates in rainbow colors.